Online Safety Videos

The National Cotton Ginners and the member associations have developed a series of instructional videos to better train and to help keep the gin workplace free of injuries. There has been a recent review of all safety videos for content and relevance. This review has resulted in a number of updates which include entirely new Volumes I &II, and updates to volumes III and IV.

Safety Videos available online:

Volume I - You’ re the Key to Gin Safety  (general gin safety video) 5:49
Volume I (English)
Volume I (Spanish)

Volume II - Safety at the Module Feeder 4:12, Gin Stand 2:49, Lint Cleaner 4:13, Bale Press/Strapping 10:03
Volume II (English)
Volume II (Spanish)

Volume III - OSHA Training Series - Bloodborne Pathogens 7:02, Lockout Tagout 6:28, Confined Spaces 4:38, and Hazard Communications 6:01
Volume III (English)
Volume III (Spanish)

Volume IV - Gin Safety - Forklifts 7:48, Ginyards 9:58, Fall Protection 8:48, and Electricity 12:46
Volume IV (English)
Volume IV (Spanish)

Volume V - The Module Truck 10:26
Treatment of Cotton Gin Injuries - First-Aid of Hand Injuries and Treatment of the Mangled Hand
Volume V (English)
Volume V (Spanish)

Volume VI - Round Module Safety - Unwrapping, Handling and Storage 17:27
Volume VI (English)
Volume VI (Spanish)

Volume VII - Gin Bale Press and Warehouse Safety 15:13
Volume VII (English)
Volume VII (Spanish)

Volume VIII - Cottonseed Storage Safety 4:47
Volume VIII (English)
Volume VIII (Spanish)

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