Test Program Review

The JCIBPC granted three requests for continued testing for the 2023 - 2024 marketing year during its annual meeting. The following summary contains information about the type of test program granted, a short description of the material or system being tested, the name of the company sponsoring the program, the number of years in a test program, the size of the test program, some key physical properties of the material or the nature of the system being tested, and any special requirements for the test program. All tests are to be conducted in all four regions of the cotton belt unless an exception to this provision is noted.

Experimental Test Programs


100% woven cotton bag (L. P. Brown Co.)

Test program year granted – 19

Size – 100,000 B/Ciii

Physical properties of bag:

  • Construction, spiral sewn;
  • Yarn count, 36x32 (warp x weft (fill));
  • Yarn size, 9.34x9.57 Neiv;
  • Fabric weight, 4.87 oz/sqyd;
  • Tare per bag, 1.9 lb.

Special conditions:

  • Not be placed outside the far West;
  • The bags must only be used on bales that will be exported.

Experimental (Compatibility) Test Programs

¾ x .055 in PET strap for patented p-weld friction technology® systems
(PAC Strapping Products)

Test program year granted – 6

Size – 100,000 B/C

Physical properties of strap:

  • Dimensions: gauge (thickness), 0.055 inch; gauge tolerance, 0.053 – 0.057 inch;
  • Width, 0.75385 inch; width tolerance, 0.72 – 0.755 inch;
  • Strap breaking strength, 2572 lb (average), 2300 lb (minimum);
  • Strap joint strength, 2307 lb (average), 2060 lb (minimum);
  • Percent elongation, 13% (at break), 3.7% (at 1000 lb tension);
  • Tare per six straps, 1.4 lb.

Special conditions:

  • Test and monitor PET strap joint strength at all locations.

The JCIBPC determined that bales in this PAC Strapping compatibility test program should be deliverable on the ICE No. 2® Contracts.


iii Bales of cotton
iv English cotton number, number of 840 yd strands per lb.